Hi, welcome. I’ve been a Lifelong Star Wars fan since Kindergarten. I don’t know if that is the correct term, but whatever. Star wars first came out on 19977. 40 years later, fans, like myself, still celebrate the movies that shape modern day Science Fiction.

And this July, Me, myself, and Star Wars was created. It became popular, and it now has about 15 followers. But that wasn’t enough. So I created Knights of Ren. The original plan was to blog about Star Wars facts and trivia, but now it’s a blog about Star wars theories. But I wanted even more Star Wars! Oh my gosh! I created 2 blogs, and wanted another one. So I created this blog, The Star Wars Guy. I was inspired by the star wars show, and the link takes you to their latest video.

Speaking of which, on Mondays I will start the week with fun Star Wars news, including the latest episode of the Star Wars show. The Monday posts will also include a random star wars quote, and a fun fact about a Star Wars character.

Right now I’d like to share some facts about me and being a Star wars fan:

  • I don’t hate Jar-jar Binks. I actually find him funny. My parents and my Siblings hate him, but I like him.
  • The Empire strikes back is probably not my favorite Star wars movie. It’s kind of a shocker, but I hated the Wampa. I would never watch it because of the Wampa. But I watched it last December, and I liked it better, but I need to watch it again.
  • Darth Vader is the reason I love Star Wars. About 5 years ago, I was at a Relatives house, and I saw a Darth Vader toy. He just looked so cool, I wanted to know more about him. So we watched A new hope, and the next movie, and the next movie, all until we watched them all. Well actually, we did not watch them all on the same day, but we finished watching all 6 movies. Darth Vader still remains my favorite Star Wars character.
  • I was born on 2005. No, I sadly didn’t watch Star Wars when it first came out. I was born in 2005. 😩😩😩😩😩

    I think that’s enough facts.

    If you enjoyed this post, please follow for more posts, and may the be with you.

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